Junkers to the Beach

Today’s poster might seem familiar…


This one is a mid-twenties poster, measuring 47×66 cm, made for Deutsche Luft Hansa AG, the forerunner of today’s German national flag carrier Lufthansa, and is by Hans Vogel who painted a number of other notable Luft Hansa posters, among other art.

With the tagline ‘Fliegt in die Bäder’ (Fly to the bathing beach) two bathing beauties look up at a Junkers F.13, one of the first successful all-metal airliners of the inter war era. (The artist seems to have had the standing figure go into some form of eurithmics mid greeting wave, however.)

Familiar? The format is remarkably similar in concept and layout to a later 1930s poster shown right near the start of this project, here, and below.

James Kightly, Vintage Aero Writer.

Among other lower res copies and reproductions, this one found on an auction site here.

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