Wing Badges n’ Things

Today we have an accidental product of my job, reporting on aviation preservation worldwide. Relatively recently, two major transport, technology and heritage collections on opposite sides of the world changed their logos. The Shuttleworth Collection, in Biggleswade, Bedfordshire, UK, adopted a newly designed brand logo: I immediately though it seemed familiar (though there was no…

Be Paid to gaze skywards!

A newspaper advert for the Royal New Zealand Air Force, using the aviation cliche of ‘gazing skywards’. James Kightly, Vintage Aero Writer. Via Dave Homewood.

Calling the Costs

A newspaper advert from September 1944, late in the war, as even then people realise Germany was probably going to be defeated, Italy had changed sides and Japan was very much on the defensive. The artwork isn’t particularly exceptional – pretty average in both senses as a newspaper piece in the era. The Avro Lancaster…

Table Toppings

From friend Andrew Matthews, spotted in Dunedin airport, New Zealand some time ago. James Kightly, Vintage Aero Writer.

ANZAC Hornet & Friends

Military commemorative schemes have become relatively common, usually well done and telling a worthwhile story. Today’s is an ANZAC special. The Royal Australian Air Force Hornet above was seen at the Omaka Classic Fighters airshow near Blenheim, New Zealand this Easter weekend just gone. Provided by the Australian Defence Force for the show, it was…

Australia – the Paris End

Today’s Poster. When you are advertising Australia to New Zealanders (this is Tasman Empire Airlines Ltd.) why not advertise Australia’s ‘European’ streets? While areas of Melbourne*, Sydney and some other cities have a strong cafe culture today, I’d say the scene depicted above would be a big bit of a stretch back in the fifties….

Enhanced Kiwi

Something with a little extra, today. A bit of fun seen hung in the ceiling of a well known New Zealand restoration shop. The Kiwi RNZAF roundel (with two feet) came in during the 1960s, joining the RAAF’s kangaroo and the RCAF’s maple leaf in separating from the red dot of the British Commonwealth Roundel….

How’s Your Hudson?

Today’s Poster – variations. This poster ‘The capture of U 570 by a Lockheed “Hudson” of British Coastal Command’ is one of the extensive ‘Back them Up’ series of the Second World War, but was intended for a much wider use than most of the normal propaganda posters of the period, with use as far…

Attack Kiwi

Something widely known in military aviation is the concept of tagging other forces’ aircraft with stickers, markings, paint or ‘zaps’ without permission, either to score points or for broad military humour. Though often crudely applied, sometimes they can be very well done, as here. The Avro Vulcan was only ever operated by the British Royal…

Multi-National Smiths

I don’t think I’ve seen a better illustration of the intent and concept of the 24 hour bomber campaign by the British, Commonwealth and Free European nations night campaign led by the Royal Air Force’s Bomber Command, and the increasingly effective day campaign of the United States Army Air Force against Nazi Germany, here from…