White Star – Red Stars

Today’s Poster is another on the Soviet aviation’s soaring air forces theme, as seen earlier here.


Entitled ‘Glory to the Soviet Aviators!’ by a B. Reshetnikov, it’s a remarkable array of then current (1973) Soviet aircraft, stretching back to even before the revolution of 1917, with the lowest left aircraft being one of the pre-Great War Farman III types, and at the ‘point of the star’s movement being the Tu 144 supersonic airliner – the only other supersonic airliner to fly than Concorde, but not an effective success, although that wasn’t yet realised in 1973.

All that said, it’s an extraordinarily effective design, not disrupted at all by the remarkable variety of aircraft it’s depicting.

James Kightly, Vintage Aero Writer.

From Antikbar, via Reddit.

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