Forward Pilot

A pilot sculptural bust, near life-size today.

Listed by the vendors as a ‘Rare large bronze sculpture of a pilot. Marble base. Excellent condition. Signed in the bronze and engraved “bronze”. Circa 1930. 35cm 30cm 18.5cm. Created by Russian sculptor Ghanu H. Gantcheff. Gantcheff was schooled in Paris and worked in the early 20th century (until his death in 1950). He specialized in human and animal figures, in bronze or terracotta.’ available at €1,650.00. More on Gantcheff’s work here., and a sculpture of a seagull here.

It looks a very nicely done piece, the thrusting pose breaking the conventional bust’s pose, and appropriate for the subject. No evidence of being of a named subject seems evident (if there was one would expect it in the wings brevet on the plinth. The helmet and goggles seem very accurate, the helmet having clip-down ear vents, pre-dating headphones.

James Kightly, Vintage Aero Writer.

From the FrenchCab SARL website here. spotted thanks to the ‘BELLE EPOQUE to ART DECO’ Facebook page here.

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