Papers, please!

Something extra to normal service here. In November I will be attending the Heritage of the Air conference in Canberra at University House, ANU, where I will be convening a session on Operating Historic Aircraft. Website here, call for papers details here.

Heritage of the Air Call for Papers 2019

And the headline. Papers are solicited ASAP, (7th June) so please, if you’re interested in presenting, get in touch, wither with or me via the usual channels.

The main themes for the 2019 Heritage of the Air Conference are:

• Modernism

• Machines

• Migration

• Memories

– However other aeronautical topics can very much be suggested, feel free to get in touch, again either with me, or Ashley Harrison (contact via the call for papers link above) to discuss.

Hope to see you there!

James Kightly, Vintage Aero Writer.

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