Double Cross

DD07 Beaufighter Pair

A pair of images showing preliminary designs and final artwork by the doyen of UK box art, Roy Cross. Above is the original design for the Airfix Beaufighter and Me 109G.6 ‘Dog Fight Double’ set – note how the final art has the Reich defence rocket tubes under the wings, as per the original kit, one of the compromises of this re-boxing. I love the freshness of the sketch. The example below of the Mosquito and Me 262A, shows…

DD08 Mossie Trio

… a development of the design idea with two iterations of the sketch and the final artwork again. You can see how dynamic the design is, and little touches like the second Me 262 being tilted slightly in relation to the already tilted horizon.

Inspiring at the time, these paintings are highly regarded a half-century on (and not just on the nostalgia value) so measure of success. Images thanks to the enjoyable retro British comics, books and magazines website Bear Alley here, which has a good deal more on the Dog Fight Doubles art, and lots more to explore, do take a browse. A board of his Airfix artwork here.

James Kightly, Vintage Aero Writer.

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  1. Graham Lovelock says:

    Thanks for bringing back good memories. I remember a school library book of Roy Crosses aviation paintings. It was my first experience of aviation art and I’ve been hooked on it ever since.

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