Tomorrow Never Comes

Following yesterday’s post featuring both airliners that didn’t make it, or never came to reality (as well as some that did) today here’s a proposed airliner that seems a lot more credible a design, though it was also never to become real – yesterday or tomorrow.

1944 - 0483Cunliffe Owen

1942 - 0932An advertisement for Cunliffe-Owen Aircraft Ltd, a company that mainly found a job sub-contracting others’ designs, or aircraft assembly and testing as seen below.

But the above design is intriguing. Above another globe, it has something of a Airspeed Ambassador about the overall configuration, but with four engines. I’d like to see a realised version of it, or if any reader knows if it is at all based on a real type or proposal, or just a remarkably believable brainchild model of a Cunliffe-Owen marketeer…

James Kightly, Vintage Aero Writer.

From Flight Global’s excellent historical resource here, the Hudson image from here.

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