The SLV’s Dutchmen

Currently on at the State Library of Victoria (re-opening today) is the ‘Velvet, Iron, Ashes’ exhibition, which among several other great things contains an excellent selection of items relating to the 1934 MacRobertson air race.


The display includes a newsreel highlights, and the promotional poster (seen above) as well as one of the many route maps released at the time. (Below. And don’t miss the Oshkosh advert on the right, with a very different aviation meaning today!)


But a particular highlight of this sub-set of the exhibition is the terrific collection of ephemera relating to the KLM entry for the race, the Douglas DC-2 ‘Uiver’ (stork). As I’ve discussed before (here) there was a remarkable range of material produced in Holland relating to this aircraft that came second in the race.


But these are all new to me, including the ‘Melbourne-race spel’ or game below. (Yes, I want one.)


And for me a bonus, with period film of the two KLM pilots on the four crew DC-2, Parmentier and Moll. Exceptional airmen, brought to life again in Melbourne thanks to the library. Great job.


James Kightly, Vintage Aero Writer.

Particular thanks to Brett Holman, Airminded, for pointing it out to me.

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