Your Sky, Lady

Today’s Poster is from ‘Le ciel est à vous’ (‘The sky is yours’) a 1943 made, 1944 release French film – a film, I therefore presume was made under the German occupation.

Le ciel est à vous (The Woman Who Dared) 1944

It’s an interesting work, and the poster is neat both for the strong, simple and powerful graphic elements, and for having the woman heroine superior and more forward looking than the somewhat strained looking man.

An interesting contrast to an alternative poster found on IMDB, below.


Stronger font for the title, but weaker overall, I think. Unfortunately I’ve not found a trailer online, though there are short random seeming segments for film critic commentary. There’s clearly some fascinating layers to the film’s making and story, too.

James Kightly, Vintage Aero Writer.

Image from here, IMDB page here.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. David Craddock says:

    I like the second poster – the woman looks like she enjoys flying. No other reason for this preference.

  2. Shaun Mackey says:

    There is a simpler, bolder elegance with the tri-colour poster. Not only the French national colours, but I wonder if there might be a subversive element of the red being a partial cross of the Free French flag. See the following link here:

    Also, the poster is attributed to Jean Colin. Whereas the alternative poster, might be one used for a DVD cover for copyright reasons (maybe).

    Another great image in the series of aviation illustration. Thank you.

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