Pile of Pioneers

Today’s Poster, featuring the first flying competition at Berlin, Germany’s new airfield. Recognisable types include, top, a Wright Flyer, and below it, a Bleriot.

M15400-52 001

Details from the Swann auction site here:

“LUCIAN BERNHARD (1883-1972) KONKURRENZ – FLIEGEN / AVIATIKER. 1909.  45 1/4×34 1/2 inches, 115×87 1/2 cm. Hollerbaum & Schmidt, Berlin.
“For this event, the inaugural air meet at Berlin’s flying field, “the foremost aviators in the world” gathered to compete for 150,000 Deutsche Marks in prize money. The title can also be understood to mean “the first aviators in the world,” which makes sense, as this air show occurred at the dawn of the competitive aviation era. DFP-III 161, Bernhard p. 33, Perier p. 11, Looping the Loop pl. 27. Estimate $5,000 – 7,500. Price Realized (with Buyer’s Premium) $6,500.

James Kightly, Vintage Aero Writer.

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