Plane Wallpaper

Another first today, original wallpaper Shared by Don Richardson on ‎America in the 1940s Facebook group, this is a real insight to a really forgotten vernacular household style. Don stated: We were repairing a water leak in our old house today and found this wallpaper way down deep!”



The Statue of Liberty looks like a stencil design, maybe printed, but the aircraft and battleship look like they may be individually painted. The colours seem as fresh as new, too.
My take is the artwork dates pretty precisely to the 1934-1941 period, the aircraft aren’t real types but have a similarity to others of the time, such as the Lockheed we’ve seen before here. The colour schemes are also American styled, though not real either, but are clearly peacetime and this pre-war, giving us the end date, the fact they are enclosed cockpit military monoplanes giving us a start date. It would be great to find out more, through the wonders of the internet!

James Kightly, Vintage Aero Writer.

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