Japanese Wing

Today’s Poster is a very strong graphic image from Japan.


As yet untranslated [but see below], the text is a mystery to me, but the message of Japanese imperial dominance of the air is clear. An echo of the background, chosen for the match, in the Japanese ‘Hinomaru’ or rising sun wing marking.

The central castle is also an interesting riff. As the original post says “Thus, Japanese propaganda is a very curious mixture of historical Japanese heroic symbolism and cutting-edge imagery (for the 1940s).”

Paul Reynolds’ kindly offered a translation on my Facebook page, as follows: “My Japanese is pretty rusty and it appears to be using a few historical characters and phrases not in use today, and I’m happy to be corrected by someone more knowledgeable than me. … It is read right to left, top to bottom:”

Supporters: Japanese Army, Japanese Navy
Sponsor: Osaka Asahi Shinbun (Newspaper)

China Incident
Holy War Exhibition

From 1st April until 6th [I think] May, Building|Location Hankyuu Nishinomiya Stadium [?] foreign/overseas [not sure to what this refers]

Thanks very much Paul. The reference to ‘The China Incident’ makes it clear it’s during the  Second Siano-Japanese war of 1937-1945, as that’s the contemporary  Japanese name. I’m thinking it may well be an exhibition, maybe of captured or own aircraft for a war bond type of fundraiser. But that’s obviously  speculation.

More translation, and or further insight welcome!


Source: WWII Film Inspector.

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  1. John Usher says:

    Perhaps a touch of Italian Futurist aviation imagery here?

    1. jkightly says:

      Hi John, Very good point, I’d not thought of that.

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