Travolta’s Smallest Airliner?

The one and only John Travolta (just arrived in Australia as I write) well known as a film star, sometimes known as a pilot, and an owner of several large aircraft, including his own Qantas colours bedecked Boeing 707 – yes, a real, full-size airliner. This is due to be donated to the Historic Aircraft Restoration Society (HARS) in New South Wales shortly, but we’re here to talk about a much smaller airliner that’s important to Mr Travolta. The Douglas DC-7c the ‘Seven Seas’ in TWA colours, that was all action, and about two foot long, and the think the kids wanted for Christmas or their birthdays in 1962.

Yes, that’s one fine toy. Here we can speculate about the marketing meetings at the (unnamed) toy company that came up with this gem.

Overspec? Certainly.

Impressive? Definitely.

Great little story, thanks to Ella and John.

James Kightly, Vintage Aero Writer.

(Apologies for the absence of daily posts; illness unfortunately kept me out of action for most of October, but I’m back, and I’ll be infilling those ‘missing’ days, so keep with us for double action in November.)

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