Be Afraid

Today a relatively modern example of the perennial propaganda leaflet encouraging enemy combatants to run away. From the US aimed at Iraq soldiers during the Gulf War of 1991.


How effective such propaganda is cannot be shown, as they only really have a role and effect as part of a wider campaign, like much more conventional marketing, funnily enough. Like many others and the V-1 examples discussed earlier on the blog (here) however, they threaten crude death from the skies; crude both in its proposed indiscriminate nature, and interestingly crude in terms of the incredibly low quality of the artwork. It may be that is is a late generation poor copy, as the original artwork looks like it had better quality tone screen and depth of detail, but maybe not.

That said, the aircraft types can be identified as an attacking Lockheed F-117 and two MiG-25 fighters being blown up. And in this case the leaflet was a part of a successful campaign to engender a high rate of surrender among Iraqi soldiers.

James Kightly, Vintage Aero Writer.

Thanks to Mike Hankins, and the image via his Twitter feed here.

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