Top Cat

Today’s Poster. From the Smithsonian’s collection, here, unfortunately they’re very vague about some of the details, such as the date or the issuer of the poster itself; one assumes it’s from Grumman, the F-14 Tomcat’s maker. The design is very much an eighties photo-art aesthetic.


The name ‘TOMCAT’, if I remember correctly, is actually a logotype Grumman used for the aircraft. The small text, the ostensible message is “F-14 The Navy’s newest variable wing, supersonic, 2-seat, twin-jet, long-range, all-weather fighter.” while the sign off is   “Naval Aviation…”

It’s interesting that an unusual angle is taken on the subject aircraft, and the ‘blown’ pushed colours have further confused the shapes, outlines and plane surfaces of a very distinctive – unique looking – aircraft.

I’ve not mentioned that name so far, but there’s no betting against the fact that we’re all thinking of the same thing. Today you can’t have the F-14 Tomcat without mention of the film Top Gun. Now that’s popular culture’s influence.

James Kightly, Vintage Aero Writer.

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