Gordon Bennett – Balloons!

Today’s Poster is a visually startling one, for certain. And for something some might even have difficulty believing in – balloon racing.


Designed by Bühler Fritz for the 1932 ‘Gordon Bennett Wettfliegen’, or Gordon Bennett Cup. As the Wikipedia page says: ‘Referred to as the “Blue Ribbon” of aeronautics, the first race started from Paris, France, on September 30, 1906. The event was sponsored by James Gordon Bennett, Jr., the millionaire sportsman and owner of the New York Herald newspaper. According to the organizers, the aim of the contest “is simple: to fly the furthest distance from the launch site.”‘

Perhaps one of the most remarkable of the ‘globe’ themed artworks that we’ve seen here, the startling red ball is revealed to be the envelope of a balloon above a dwarfed world.

And I’m sure we’re agog to know that the 1932 race was won by Thomas G. W. Settle and Wilfred Bushnell, USA, US Navy, flying 1,550km.

James Kightly, Vintage Aero Writer.

Another Poster Auctioneer image from here.

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