Card Game Biplane

Lots of games and toys have representative ‘aeroplanes’ within them. Here’s one for the App Solitare by Mobility Ware from my phone. This is a biplane (so extra points) and while it ‘cheats’ by changing the dimensions of some cards to fill some bits of the structure, I think it captures the spirit of both an aircraft and a playing card model.

The real thing is an animation, where the aircraft assembles by the cards flying in like a reversed explosion, and then it starts to rotate.

Other prizes of the game are a ship and a car – note they are all retro designs, a sailing ship and a pioneer car.

Extra points to those who recognise my card design as being my photo of the tail of the (replica) de Havilland DH 88 Comet racer in the USA.

James Kightly, Vintage Aero Writer.

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