Israeli Rainbows

Today’s Poster. “Rainboeing the Skies” (1971) by graphic designer Dan Reisinger introducing the then-new Boeing 747 to El Al Israeli Airlines.


Here, in the 1970s, the rainbow design has a different subtext (as well as a frankly cheesy ‘RainBOEING’ pun) to that it would have in a 2019 context, yet as a design it’s clean and stands well today as it no-doubt did then. The marginal placing of the client’s brand is brave.

Update: Illustrating the dangers of online searches, there’s a spoof version of this poster presented as an ‘Air Canada’ version. Originally it seems it was created just as a fun fancy by the creator, with no intent to deceive, but it has become popular and divorced from its origins. A bit of the background at this link here.

James Kightly, Vintage Aero Writer.

Poster: Internet find.

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