Don’t Eat a Bomb

Today’s Poster pair are foodstuffs as bombs. On the face of it, a strange juxtaposition, but these two takes feature opposite views, but both are about thrift. Avoiding waste, and recycling into munitions. The bayonet as a breadknife is a particular touch.


Translated, reads ‘Expensive Bread – The Politics of War’, by the the Communist Party of France France, 1940s, artist unknown. The message (I think!) is making bombs steals your bread. From Reddit here. (Original post it’s taken from has vanished.)


And from Antikbar, here: ‘Save waste fats for explosives – Take them to your meat dealer’, by Henry Koerner (1915-1991). Printed by the US Government Printing Office for the Office of War Information, circa 1943. Here’s it’s bombs and bullets, and we’ve seen the same earlier with bones for munitions, here.

How much fat was usefully turned into munitions is an interesting question. This the Atlantic article doesn’t answer that, but explores the rest of America’s fat requisition, and it’s a fascinating story, worth a read.

James Kightly, Vintage Aero Writer.

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