Fighting Fuel

Today’s Poster, an unusual topic for the blog so far, though a common war theme, featuring an exhortation to conserve fuel for the war effort. But here it’s the Nazi German war effort: ‘Spare Gas für die Rüstung’ : ‘Save Gas for Weapons’ by Willy Petzold (1885-1978).


The composition is interesting, the domestic gas ring taking most space (the thing you’re not meant to be wasting) with the war weapons, a Tiger tank, an early, inline engine powered Dornier Do 17 bomber and a rail gun are above and behind. The Tiger entered service in 1942, making the possible dates for the poster 1942-45, probably on the earlier side.

James Kightly, Vintage Aero Writer.

Poster found on Reddit, here, from Antikbar.

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