Airman! Bestride The World!

Following yesterday’s magazine advertisement, here we have the next ‘big sky, small world’ image, this time advertising how a career in the regular air force would allow you to bestride the world like a colossus. Generally the Aircraftsman Second Class was treated as the exact opposite, so a classic example of oversell, too!


But there’s a bit of a mystery to the poster, too. It is listed as ‘A Career with Adventure Join the Regular Air Force – featuring a dynamic image of a Royal Air Force pilot standing over the world against a blue sky background’ and dated 1942. However I don’t think the recruitment is offering pilot roles (they’re not saying so and there’s no visible wings) and it looks like the ‘Winslade’ is signed bottom right with 45 or 49, the latter more likely for an advert for the regular air force wartime recruitment being very much duration or reserve offers. Does anyone know the full story?

James Kightly, Vintage Aero Writer.

Image from FirstDibbs here.

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