Strap in Boys


Today’s Poster.


Sex can be used to save, and here getting the aircrew’s attention with a dame’s strap is obviously meant to make them think twice about taking their straps seriously too. In the modern era, it’s generally good that we take for granted the use of safety harnesses, in a way that wasn’t so common in World War Two. The other thing I find interesting about the poster is its relative artistic crudity, compared to the much better rendered figures in most other posters.

The poster’s auction text covers the rest of the details: “Original vintage British propaganda poster published by the Directorate of Accident Prevention ‘Prudence says a lot depends on a Strap – Her Modesty – Your Life!’ Colourful design using humour to emphasize the importance for pilots to wear a safety belt featuring two illustrations, the first showing an elegant young lady fixing the strap on her evening dress and the second showing a pilot securing his safety belt before take off, the text above and across the images in stylised black, white and red letters. Printed for Her Majesty Stationery Office by Hudson Scott & Sons Ltd., Carlisle.”

James Kightly, Vintage Aero Writer.

Image originally found on Reddit here, details here.

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