Air France World 2

Today’s Poster follows yesterday’s. Designed by Lucien Boucher, it’s a 1949 poster advertising the ‘Orient – Extreme Orient’ destination with a orientalist design theme.


A magnificent bird faces a Chinese style pagoda, with an Indian building behind it, all located over a map extending from India to China and the Oriental nations in between. Top left a Lockheed Constellation drones in. Archaic looking to us today, that airliner would’ve been the most startlingly modern item on the poster, despite its small size.

In contrast to my comments yesterday regarding postwar privations, the Wikipedia page notes that in the immediate postwar period of the late forties, the re-established Air France’s network;

“…covered 160,000 km, claimed to be the longest in the world.  … In September 1947 Air France’s network stretched east from New York, Fort de France and Buenos Aires to Shanghai.  By 1948 Air France operated 130 aircraft, one of the largest fleets in the world. Between 1947 and 1965 the airline operated Lockheed Constellations on passenger and cargo services worldwide.”

Quite the phoenix.

James Kightly, Vintage Aero Writer.

Image via 1stDibbs again, link here.

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