Special KLM Bag



KLM-Royal-Dutch-Airlines-Heiliger-carry-on-Iron-_1It appears this carry on is no ordinary one, but comes with a particular piece of equipment. Now, I’d have been guessing all day before I got is, so I’ll just reveal all to the left. It’s an iron. I can understand an iron being useful, and as we know they’re a staple in most decent hotels and motels, but I can’t see how KLM could justify this as something to do – especially as the electric plug would be usable in only some locations!




A more conventional KLM carry on bag is seen below, also bearing the traditional ‘royal’ logo with the crown, this time, though the ‘KLM’ cipher reversed out in orange.


James Kightly, Vintage Aero Writer.

The iron bag from this sales website here, while the standard carry on bag from here.

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