Today’s Poster ‘Deutscher Seeflug 1926’ (German seaplanes 1926) by Walter Hemming.


A deceptively simple poster with blues and browns, it features a biplane wingtip in the foreground and a biplane and monoplane flying above the sea. Strangely,, given the subject and the ocean, no evidence of floats of flying boat hulls are evident, nor are engines the monoplane looking like a sailplane of the era. No markings are depicted either.

The Museen Nord website, translated from the German says: “In July 1926, the Deutschen Seeflug-Wettbewerb(German Seaplane Aviation Association) organised a  German-wide marine aircraft competition in Warnemünde. The intent was the ‘development of a seaworthy, efficient and serviceable maritime postal airliner’.

“At the end of the competition in Warnemünde, the Rostock-based Heinkel company had been the most successful, and one year later opened the Deutsche Verkehrsfliegerschule (German aviation school) in Warnemünde which  primarily used Heinkel marine aircraft.”

In fact the school was one of the steps taken in re-militarising Germany.

James Kightly, Vintage Aero Writer.

From the Landesarchiv Thüringen here. Details of the text here.

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