You might think the combination of historic sailing ships and aircraft (as seen in the recent KLM ‘Flying Dutchman’ post) would be unusual, but today’s poster follows the theme, albeit is from Spain, and for an event, rather than an airline.

https _airandspace.si.edu_webimages_collections_full_A19900412000cp01.jpg

It’s the 1928 Real Aero Club of Andalucia’s poster for ‘Il Salon de Aeronautica Exposicion Ibero-Americana’ of 1929, by the artist (or studio?) known only by the name ‘Parrilla’. It’s a beautiful work in my view, with dynamic design and strong, effective colours. The aircraft seem to be based on Dornier flying boats, but not intended to be realistic or detailed. Here’s a translated version of a Spanish webpage on the exposition.

James Kightly, Vintage Aero Writer.

Another Smithsonian online poster. Reference here.

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