Turning 16

Well, let’s have another poster – there’s so many, after all! But this one’s somewhat different, unless you, the reader, know otherwise?


Generally an illustrated aircraft sales pitch features the aircraft itself, rather than a demonstration of this kind of performance element. But creatively done, it makes the curl into a question mark that the viewer is intrigued, and then looks closer to the story. As an artwork (albeit a carefully structured photograph) to get the audience’s interest – and then keep the memory tickled with a fact, I think it’s a winner.

James Kightly, Vintage Aero Writer.

Image from the Smithsonian’s collection, here. Details: Designer: William Wondriska, American, b. 1931. Medium: Offset lithograph on paper. Date: 1980s. Description: Image of jets “skywriting”; “Imprinted in black ink across lower section of poster : INSIDE TRACK that’s an Air Force F-16 naturally, in the tighter turn./ The General Dynamics figher is powered by Pratt and Whitney Aircraft F100 engine.” Credit Line: Gift of William Wondriska. Accession Number: 1991-69-85

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