Tidy Bombing

An Argentine cartoon from ‘Quino’; or Joaquín Salvador Lavado Tejón. It’s a great visual gag, worked through in detail.


The aircraft connection? The picture on the wall is, of course ‘Guernica’, by Pablo Picasso, the searing indictment of Fascist bombing, by Italian and German aircraft of civilians in the Spanish Civil War. The painting, of course was never ‘tidied up’, the whole point of it being to show the mess and horror of the war. But it was ‘tidied out of sight’ by Franco’s fascism in Spain, on Picasso’s requirements – only being put on permanent show after the dictator’s regime came to its end. Quino would have been very aware of the less than funny nuances embedded in his choice of image. The sharp edge to humour.

James Kightly, Vintage Aero Writer.

Image found online.

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  1. A great cartoon, worthy of the great Quino. Two observations about Guernica. First, the Italians flew a handful of sorties that day but did not participate in the main, and massive, attack on the city. Second, the painting’s history is interesting on its own. When originally commissioned by the Spanish government for display in the Paris World Fair, it was titled “The Death of the Matador” ; after the events dictated the change in title, it became a political symbol for the Republic’s stand against Fascism. More importantly, it was never tidied up by Franco: it was simply displayed in New York for decades, until regime change made its return to Spain not merely possible but indeed desirable.

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