Today we have a couple of monochrome artworks of a ‘retro future’ – two proposals that never came to pass.


Posted by Geoff Hall on the Facebook BOAC page here. Geoff adds:

“These pics were in a Bristol Evening Post supplement celebrating the flight of Concorde March 69. The Pan Am one is particularly interesting – they hadn’t cancelled their order yet! Hadn’t seen either of these adverts before.”

While the BOAC order was fulfilled, the airline was British Airways by the time they flew, even though the registrations were still pegged around the G-BOAC series. But no American airline bought Concorde (though Braniff did undertake some flights) and so Concorde never was to appear with the Pan Am globe. And of course the Boeing 2707 that was intended as the American domestic design was only seen as a mock up before various factors stopped it’s progress and American interest in supersonic transports (SSTs).


James Kightly, Vintage Aero Writer.

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  1. Sally Greenhead says:

    I have just found a “Welcome to Tomorrow” poster in its original envelope in amongst a box of old envelopes and then found your article whilst researching.
    I’d like to sell it to someone who would be interested. Do you know what it is worth?
    I look forward to hearing from you.
    With kindest regards

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