Where’s Your Seat?

Today’s Poster.


Putting the reader or viewer ‘in’ the story or picture is a primary tool of marketing. Putting the reader in the literal hot seat is a logical, powerful take here. The aircraft is the Handley Page Halifax of the RAF’s Bomber Command, rather than the more often used Avro Lancaster.

Bomber Command, intended to knock out the enemy with a decisive blow, and in part avoid the trench warfare attrition of the Great War proved to be as much a battle of attrition in the sky, literally consuming the aircraft and human crews at a ferocious rate, absorbing the young men of the greatest air training system in history, and needing a huge number to voluntarily sign up. Most young men volunteered expecting to be pilots, but here, the other roles they were streamed into, depending on aptitude shown as well, are shown too.

James Kightly, Vintage Aero Writer.

Image via Wikimedia Commons, origin IWM under Non Commercial Licence. Details here.

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