Print VC-Tenderness

A fine selection of British Overseas Airways Corporation (BOAC) promotional material for today’s post.


Shared by Shea Oakley on the Facebook BOAC Jet Junior Club (link) Shea’s personal collection displayed shows how well an airline could promote a competitive advantage with a premium type, here the Vickers VC 10 and Super VC 10 airliners – one of the best products of the British aerospace industry, though not as widely used as it could’ve been – hence BOAC’s exclusivity angle.

Design wise, the unusual mix of graphics with art and some photos use BOAC’s blue and white and magenta(?) accents to tie the whole theme together, and prioritises the VC 10’s distinctive jet engine configuration. It’s about ‘taking good care of you’ but the visuals are ultimately the technology.

James Kightly, Vintage Aero Writer.

A great website on the VC 10 story here. Image by, and with permission of Shea Oakley from the Facebook BOAC Jet Junior Club here.

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