Anti-Clunk Javelin

Today’s Poster. Courtesy Phil Vabre, this one features the Gloster Javelin, the British all weather jet powered interceptor, from the magazine Aeronautics in April 1958.


Signed ‘Tilley – Weaver’ on the left, artistically it’s a very unusual design, something as static as a barrier guard painted so realistically isn’t a normal item to juxtapose against a jet aircraft, but obviously the design is effective, because it’s jarring.

Not so obvious is the advertisement is intended as a defensive promotion against the (non European) Canadian Avro Canada CF-100 ‘Clunk’ which had entered service with the Belgian air force in 1957. Despite the advertisement, neither the CF-100 nor the Javelin saw further export sales.

James Kightly, Vintage Aero Writer.

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