Un-retarding Canada

Today’s Poster.


As in the early post about the Spanish world having a different perspective, the same goes for the Francophone world. In French, ‘Avec ceci – des retards. Avec ceci la victore’  in English, reads ‘With this – delays. With this – victory’.

While the necessity and immediacy of the need of Britain and the British Empire seemed self evident in the Anglophone world including English speaking Canada, understandably a different impression existed in Francophone Canada, where the fall of France and the ‘new era’ with occupied northern France and southern Vichy France, meant that was was over. Canada’s contribution to World War Two was huge, and unequivocal, but this poster reflects a period and a view before the momentum of the Free French had not developed, and the re-establishment of France’s honour had not yet been achieved. French Canada was not France, but where did the future lie?

James Kightly, Vintage Aero Writer.

Author photo taken in the Canadian War Museum, Ottawa.

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