Around the Cockade

An airshow poster for today.


It’s a lovely one, from the early Thirties in France, but of particular interest in the blog for the use of the original style cockade or badge symbolizing the aeronautical cockade or roundel. Originally these were used for identification of group in revolution and war in Europe in the previous century, as seen here below with the artistically cute revolutionary.


She’s wearing the Phrygian cap with the cockade of the French revolutionaries in red white and blue, in contrast to the white of the Royalists. (Some interesting cockade history here.) Note her cockade’s colour order is reversed to that adopted later by the French air arms on their aircraft. (Note the poster the artist has left the cockades off the aircraft, an interesting choice to make the central motif stronger?)

James Kightly, Vintage Aero Writer.

Images: internet finds.

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