Which Woman’s Wings?

Women’s History Month is nearly at an end. One oddity, here it looks like a great film, lots of American aircraft*. Except it’s not.


The US film poster for the British film ‘They Flew Alone’ released in the US as ‘Wings and the Woman’, directed by Herbert Wilcox and starring his wife Anna Neagle. It’s a biopic of British aviatrix Amy Johnson, and was filmed in the UK, and didn’t feature any these American aircraft at all. It’s a biography of one British woman, angled as a story of the women in the wartime Air Transport Auxiliary flying for the war – nothing to do with the American equivalent airwomen. Most remarkably it does not mention Amy Johnson is a strong effort to sell a foreign film to a perhaps uninterested audience. But anyway, a great poster, eh?

James Kightly, Vintage Aero Writer.

*Douglas A-20 attack bombers. Not featured in the film at all. Image from The Poster Museum, here. Hysterical (in both senses) trailer for the film here.

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