Airship Tension

Two artworks showing the experience of operating airships in the Great War, one from the German side, the other from the British.


John Lavery’s, ‘A Convoy, North Sea, 1918’ gives a good feel of the vertiginous experience of being suspended between sea and sky while providing an anti-U-Boat patrol over a merchant ship convoy.


While Felix Schwormstädt’s, ‘Zeppelin L38 Attacking England, 1916’ takes a monochrome approach on the intense work being done inside the bowels of a Zeppelin bomber, and the tension of the image here is brought by the intense concentration and searching gaze of the defending gunner on the lookout for British fighters.

James Kightly, Vintage Aero Writer.

Both images from the ‘Weimar Art’ blog‘s excellent page of war art.

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