Bond, Nellie & Bond

Today’s Bond Poster. There’s nothing quite as cool Sean Connery flying the aircraft with his toes, just being very cool while everything explodes around him!

YOU ONLY LIVE TWICE_FrankMcCarthy1382784_641434729210421_990200585_n

From the film ‘You Only Live Twice’, this poster is the artwork by the exemplary action poster painter Frank McCarthy. You can own your own version at £2,250 – here, but there’s also a great look at the concept art as well here.

The autogyro ‘Little Nellie’, rightly is a favourite film vehicle from the Bond movies, as odd as it is in the ouvre. A real machine (though the weapons were fake) the Wallis WA116, it was flown in the film by the even more remarkable than Bond, Wing Commander Ken Wallis. Here’s my photo from 1986 of Ken flying Little Nellie at the Shuttleworth Collection.


James Kightly, Vintage Aero Writer.

Poster print from Today’s Inspiration Group.

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