Onkel Zepp

Today’s Poster.


A great cartoon portrait of a man who essentially gave his name to the class of aircraft, the rigid airship: Count Ferdinand von Zeppelin. Here it’s a poster for the ‘Internationale Luftschiffahrt Ausstellung’ (International Airship Exhibition) at Frankfurt am Main in 1909, when the military use of airships was a threat of the future, not a reality. The German language Wiki page here notes that though it was given as an airship show, all kings of aircraft were featured, and it ran from the 10th July to 17th of October, both factors noted in the poster below, the French language ‘Exposition Aéronautique’ being added in, with a Voisin 1907 style ‘boxkite’ aircraft joining the airship and a balloon in front of Frankfurt cathedral.


James Kightly, Vintage Aero Writer.

One of two versions of the Zeppelin image found, on Pinterest here, the main poster with multiple versions online, including a large example here.

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