Return from France

Today’s Poster.

Air France Paris Londres Poster

Another great period airline poster from the inter-war period. I could just blog about those alone, but there’s some quite diverse stuff coming up, including a metal aeroplane and some fabric, and not aircraft covering, either.

In this one, I love the looming Eiffel Tower crossing the channel to Croydon (which was then London’s airport) from Le Bourget, Paris.

The text at the bottom translates as ‘fast comfort’. Perhaps a dig at the competitor Imperial Airways and their somewhat stately fleet. The aircraft? Wibault 280 T, twenty seater. Remember it? That was shared on 12 January with Tintin, here. Small world.


James Kightly, Vintage Aero Writer.

Poster found here, via the San Diego Air & Space Museum website.

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