Nearly Jets

Thanks to Peter Hobbins, today we have this very cheaply produced Australian children’s book from Gunn & Taylor Pty. Ltd. of Melbourne. A fine piece of random, otherwise forgotten ephemera.


It’s not great artwork on the cover by any means, but the semi fictional aircraft depicted are at least based on real prototypes – several that never made it into production, making the research of the artist (in the mid-late 1950s) in a more than minimum effort.

The centrepiece is a sort of “hybrid between a Vickers Valiant and a Mitsubishi G4M” says Peter. Or stuck on canopies and turrets. Peter also identified the diving ‘Hawker Jet Fighter’ as something between a P.1081 and a Hunter. You can see a good deal of the American Douglas D-558 in there as well.  Bottom left and right are warlike Avro 707s, an experimental type, never intended for combat use, but at least an aircraft that once reached Australia, and which is now preserved, stored, at the RAAF Museum, Point Cook, Victoria. Last, and most accurate in the centre bottom is the rare Supermarine Type 508, the precursor to the Swift.

The spelling of ‘color’ without the ‘u’ is also intriguing, though not unknown by any means in Australia.

James Kightly, Vintage Aero Writer.

Shared on Twitter by Peter Hobbins here.

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