Scandinavian Defence View

Today’s poster is from a fascinating page, with a diverse range of artwork here [Edit: page has disappeared, here’s a cached version] that look into the way posters have been used to argue for preparedness for war or disaster in Scandinavia and beyond.


This is a Swedish artwork by Anders Beckman, a highly regarded and widely known graphic artist in Sweden. And it features the distinctive lines of the Junkers Ju 86 bomber (also used as an airliner) in three plan views. Several other of Beckman’s posters are featued on the page as well. It’s interesting that though it’s an air force poster, the distinct and familiar (in Sweden) triple crown aircraft marking hasn’t been used.

The use of shape in the artwork is very effective, contrast the effrontery of the red shape forgrounding the information text against the subtle white and blue speedlines that make the aircraft live and move.

The main body text reads ‘Air Force Day – For the families of fallen aircrew’. Thanks to Björn Haglund for the advice.

James Kightly, Vintage Aero Writer.

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