Airspeed Air-Rail Service

Here’s an unusual one thanks to the extensive archives of the Smithsonian Collection.


Listed in their catalogue as ‘Beginning of Air Rail Service’, the poster features a crossed aircraft and locomotive, though it’s interesting that the aircraft is much more clearly depicted with more detail. It’s an Airspeed Envoy, the type that preceded the Airspeed Oxford and Consul, a British feederliner type. I’m presuming, from my research for the Database I wrote for Aeroplane Monthly, in March 2017, that this depicts one of the six Envoys supplied to Japan in 1935 for their Japan – (Japanese-occupied) Korea service.

Again we see a streamline moderne aesthetic, and also of interest is the very squared off font for the text. (I’d be appreciative if anyone can translate the full poster!)

James Kightly, Vintage Aero Writer.

[Image from the Smithsonian online resources, link here.]

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