Mustang – Brumby


The North American Aviation Mustang fighter was only built by one other nation outside the USA – Australia, where the local wild horses are called ‘brumbies’.

The makers, Commonwealth Aircraft Corporation Pty Ltd (CAC) were rightly proud of the achievement, and showed, here a contemporary postwar advertisement based on a photograph. Ironically the photo is of A68-1, the first of the American made ‘kits’ imported, rather than the later, full Australian built production examples. Mustang A68-1 had a fascinating history, including getting nuked(!) and is still flying today, under a new identity in America, with a series of Silver and Bronze prizes at the Reno Air Races. Details on Geoff Goodall’s excellent website here.

Of the illustration, there’s not much to say, except it’s very typical of its era and type, and would’ve been exciting news at the time. The CAC ‘bird’ logo of interest as a design however.

James Kightly, Vintage Aero Writer.

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